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We aim to use this blog to highlight, discuss and dig into key topics and themes affecting young people today. This is a blog written by young people, for young people.

At RealTalk we believe that some things aren’t better left unspoken, and together, we can Make Tomorrow Better.

So, what makes us different?

Our posts are written to be reflective of real situations. Being students, graduates and young people, we know first hand of the troubles presented in our generation: be it university, early careers, social pressures or mental battles. Our posts will be tailored to you.

Casual and engaging
As much as we want our posts to be real and hard hitting, we don’t want to bore you with big words and essay writing techniques. Posts will be as casual as possible.

Any and all comments, views and opinions are welcome and valued. Feel free to drop us a line via the contact us page.

With that being said, we want this site to motivate and inspire!

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