Asking for help could kick start your happiness!

*say the below out loud*

“I am ready to receive all obstacles and opportunities, required to successfully execute my vision for my life. Aka I’m ready beat 2020’s ass & get what I deserve” – Aaliyah Mckay

Ever heard of the saying if you don’t ask you don’t get? Well, this little statement is something I now swear by daily. This was especially once I was able to create an understanding with myself that, everyone can do with a little help, no matter what.

Every day you’ll meet someone that will sit and talk about what they should have done, and what they could have been, and not enough of us are explaining what we actually do to achieve those goals. Don’t worry; I was guilty of that in the last decade too. I used to go around telling people “oh you know I applied to Brit School….yeah imagine where I’d be if I went” (playing it as though I chose not to go) when in reality the part I used to miss out was that I was too scared to actually attend the audition, and ask someone to help me with the monologue. So who really played themselves?  

Nowadays no one cares what you could have been, it’s all about what you’ve actually done. What are the facts!

In regards to asking for help, I know I’m not alone in saying that often the reason people don’t put themselves out there is because no-one ever wants to come across like a ‘beg’ or like they a bothering people . But as the saying goes, the worst they can do is say NO or ignore you.  And if that happens, then you carry on with your life, just like before you met them.  But secretly resent them for eternity, no biggy! Kidding… Do not do that! But what I mean is, no harm done because at least you tried.

Although, funny enough, this might come as a shock to you but there are a few people out there who are very successful, and very willing to help others achieve equal if not more success.  With near enough everyone in today’s society trying to be the same and social media glorifying fame, you have to find your niche, your thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in there will always be someone doing better then you. So instead of wishing you were the same, ask them about their journey and use it to fuel and kick start your personal success story.

When it comes to myself, you can call me Beggy McBegington (not a real word I know) but if it’s going to get me one step closer to my future, then I’m going to ask till the cows come home.  Because you have to put your dreams to life. Start with the basics; print out images and stick them around your house of everything you want, whether that’s your dream job, money, a car, marriage! Put it everywhere and claim it, speak it into existence and remind yourself everyday what you are working for.  Second thing, who do you admire, create a list of the people who aspire to be like and research their journey, if you have access to their socials @ or Dm them! This is what social media is there for to speak to people. You don’t always need to go to the absolute top, for examples if you’re an actor, don’t go sending Denzel Washington a message, his probs not going to reply! Start local, someone who has a success story but more accessible.

Now the big question – “but what do I say?”

Here’s a few tips, by no means are they the only things you can do! They are just what I do.

  1. The DM isn’t a letter, but starting with Dear will just start you off nicely
  2. Congratulate them on something they are doing or have done – always good to let them know you’re following their work and admire it.
  3. Introduce yourself and explain what you do and what you’re trying to achieve
  4. Ask them if they are willing to shed light on their journey or pass on any advice
  5. Thank them and hope and pray they respond

Know this might sound pretty self-explanatory, but if it is then why aren’t you doing it? 

You have to stop looking at your dream’s as something hard to reach and start looking at them as imperative movements to help you survive in this wild world.  Remember the person who inspired you and become that, become that in a manifested version of yourself. Don’t forget someone will always be watching and one day look to you for guidance. After all, “You can’t be what you can’t see”, Hence why it’s necessary to work hard and transition from the student to the role of the role model. 

Now, the question is, are you willing to move your pride aside and go get what you want?  Or are you comfortable chilling in the safe zone? I know where I’m at!

After all risking is better than regretting!  

All the best, Let me know how it goes

Aaliyah x


4 thoughts on “Asking for help could kick start your happiness!

  1. This is a very positive piece of art that is needed in this world with all the negativity that is going on. We are not alone in any part of our journey and this is so encouraging to that.

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  2. That’s amazing advice but I’m sceptical, what’s your yes-to-no ratio? how many no’s did you get before you started getting yes’s? If the answer is “loads” what did you change about your approach that helped you find success ?


    1. I love this question, i’m almost certain the nos never stop essentially. Especially as we come from a generation of options and temptation. So with that being said, i have always used rejection as a humbling experiment, reminding me that i can not get what i want all the time, and there will always be someone better then me. Once i understood that, my approach had always been to not take myself to seriously and to just take the risk, feelings of disappointment are temporary but the excitement of new opportunities is continuous.

      so keep going

      Aaliyah x


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