Protect your Peace

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So where should I start? The year of 2020 has been a roller coaster for us all. This year has disturbed the inner peace of many and some may feel absolutely overwhelmed because of the current climate we have been forced to inhabit. I would just like to spread this message, a simple phrase… PROTECT YOUR PEACE. This phrase is open to your own interpretation but I’d like to break down what it means to me first.

This phrase made me think about all my struggles, barriers, heart ache but mainly it made me think about horrendous treatment of my black brothers and sisters. But in that being said although seeing the very emotional videos on my twitter of my people being mistreated by those who are supposed to be protecting us, we must protect our peace. We can not allow these people to engulf us with rage and destroy our inner peace. Since that’s all we have.

As black people we are constantly reminded that the world hates us at no fault of our own, just because our melanin skin shines in the sun, just because our curly hair radiates perfection, just because we are full of talent.. they hate us, why? Jealousy? Maybe…

So many questions, so much pain and no justice… why is it happening to us? Honestly I’m so angry, We don’t deserve this treatment, we are Kings and Queens so why must we be treated with such disrespect and disregard? Its infuriating just thinking about it, as I write this blog honestly I feel so much anger in my soul but… I must remind myself to protect my peace.

Why is your peace so important, well firstly Inner peace eliminates anxieties, fears and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction and unhappiness. One of my friends made a tweet that stood out to me and actually inspired this blog, as soon as I read the tweet I went straight to my desk and got to typing, he said “You’re arguing with CLEAR racist accounts and wondering why you’re getting pissed off…protect your peace”. Then something clicked; In this time social media can only do two things for us:

1. it can destroy our peace – make us feel upset, worthless, enraged because of the videos we see and all them cowards who project their racist views on the net


2. we can take control of our social media accounts and share important messages, spread love to one another.

I may have missed it but I haven’t yet seen many people spreading love within our community, so I would like to do just that.  My fellow black people, whether you’re dark skinned, light skinned, rich or poor, old or young, regardless of your sexuality, I love you and we are great, we emit excellence. We are powerful and this oppression will not last forever. Be unapologetically black and Protect your Peace.

Love always,

The RealTalk Blog


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