What’s Next?

For the first time in 4 years I have no commitments, no coursework, no exams. Literally nothing to do. University no longer has me in a chokehold, and I couldn’t feel freer. I won’t even front and act like University was easy because it wasn’t but graduating during a global pandemic, now that is extra difficult and definitely deserves a pat on the back and a celebration. So big up all my 2020 grads and hopefully we will get the chance to throw our hats in the air sooner rather than later.

Now comes the dreaded questions of what is next? What have you got planned now? Have you got a job lined up? Do you know what you want to go into? Rest. There is no rush let me enjoy my time off and recharge my batteries. University took a lot out of the kid and now is the time to go back to the drawing board and assess all my options and see what is best for me in my own time. Right now, is about rebranding and developing the person I am. Having this much spare time is a blessing that I
would love to take advantage of and become the best version of myself, setting myself up for the future that awaits me.

Recently I have been trying to prioritise my mental and physical health; whilst at uni it can be hard to focus on these things with the constant workload and deadlines chasing you down but with this free time I hope to put these 2 things first. I’ve started jogging and reading daily which has really had a great effect on me I feel better and healthier already after a week. I am a huge advocate of doing things you enjoy, so even though university is finished and I’ll be joining the world of employment soon, I hope to continue doing things I was doing at uni such as kicking ball. A website I’ve started to take advantage of is Skillshare, which is free for 3 months with Unidays (don’t say I don’t plug you guys) there’s a lot of useful short and long skill courses for anyone interested!

I think the most important thing I need to decide is finding a job that I will enjoy. This is probably what I’m going to spend most of my free time researching. Realistically no one wants to be stuck in a job they hate for 10 years plus, that just sounds like torture. So I guess I might be in and out of jobs for the next year or so trying to find what’s for me because I don’t really think you can count out any job until you actually experience it and see if it’s for you. Which I guess is a big reason why people
always say work experience is key whilst you’re young, to find out what you are best suited for.

Another thing that’s been on my mind is finding a mentor/mentors. I never really understood why having a mentor is so important but seeing people around me sharing their experiences with people who have guided them in the right direction, has opened my eyes and made me willing to find a suitable person. I feel it’s important you have an established relationship with the person you want
to be your mentor as you will most likely be talking to them quite often. So, I guess you reading this blog may as well start considering someone to be your mentor if you don’t have one already. You can’t always reach your goals by yourself and it’s always useful to have someone you can ask questions to that’s been where you are aspiring to be.

But yeah, that’s my life update. Once again, we have just graduated during a pandemic so big up yourself and don’t forget to celebrate! Economy is real tight right now so don’t put no pressure on yourself if you’re not sure what’s next. It’s best to take a little break recharge your batteries and evaluate what your next few steps are going to be.



One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. Love this piece Gamel,
    The pressure to conform and rush into a career is so real. And I’m sure a lot of grads can relate. The burden of “what’s next” and the many questions that follow certainly don’t help! This piece is refreshing and I’m sure will resonate with many of those in your cohort especially in these extraordinary times. It’s great to see that you are more concerned with re-centering yourself and assessing all your options. I’m sure you’ll be amazing in whatever you decide – Kemi

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