Looking Back to Look Forward: The Year 2020

As with most organisations/companies, the end of the year (or financial year) presents a time to reflect on the period that has just passed. An opportunity to celebrate wins, ponder over shortcomings, and ultimately prepare for what the future has in store. At The RealTalk Blog, we thought it would be good to do the same.

This year has not been a period fit for the faint hearted. Starting with a virus that no-one believed would spread so quickly, to industry shaking lockdowns and the aftermath of near economic crises in the developed economy. Within our respective vocations and stages in life, we have all shared a collective struggle against COVID-19. There was also the Black Lives Matter movement in which the pains of the black community took centre stage on all social media platforms and news outlets globally. As if this wasn’t all 2020 had planned, the #EndSARS protest erupted in full force taking Nigeria and the rest of the world by storm to end state led police brutality. All this alongside more life changing events taking place all over the world. This was our 2020.

Alas, there was a silver lining. It’s not massive, but it was there. For The RealTalk Blog, this came as the opportunity to rally behind the movements changing the world, and to connect with a community of creatives and future world leaders. As a testament to them and their successes, this post in no order, will highlight some of the great individuals and brands we have had the pleasure of working with this year.

– The RTB Family of 2020 –

JustThe3ofUs Podcast
Beauty and brains, this podcast is hosted by 3 amazing ladies who share their perspectives on topics such as faith, relationships, education and current trends. A truly unique and engaging listen that you won’t find anywhere else. We have had the privilege of being featured on their podcast and also hosting them on ours. A great experience each time. We are certainly looking forward to where this young podcast is headed!
Connect with them on Twitter: @JT3ofus_

Cold Drinks Podcast
Three lads having real conversations over some cold drinks, what more could you possibly want? The Cold Drinks pod brings you real stories spoken from the perspective of guys that only have their truths to share. Thought provoking and engaging yet full of laughter, the Cold Drinks pod is certainly one to add to your listening rotation. We first featured on their show a while back and have recently recorded an episode with them on The RealTalk Podcast – exciting experiences each time.
Hyperurl: http://hyperurl.co/colddrinks

Let’s Talk Society
This is a blog page like no other. Written by a true friend to The RealTalk Blog, Marley Ahmed digs into some of the societal trends and topics he feels need more awareness and conversation. For which we completely agree! We are thrilled to have such a talented young writer for social causes as part of the RTB family. We hope you enjoy his posts as much as we do!
Website: https://letstalksocietycom.wordpress.com/

The Urban Journal
The millennial’s one stop shop for personal finance, style, lifestyle & culture. This is a blog with a sexy urban chique with the quality of written content to match. For anyone that loves a minimalist and straight to the point source of reading leisure, this site is for you. We look forward to what the future has in store for this well executed page – the Vogue International of our generation as we like to think. More collaborations with the RTB to come!
Website: www.urbjournal.com

Ssozinha is a word of Portuguese origin to mean ‘alone’ and represents “freedom in creativity and being bold in who you are and where you came from”. A powerful ethos behind a brand that is educative and inspirational. We recently interacted with the amazing woman behind this brand where we shared one of her articles on our page “Black Lives Matter & The Fight Against Prejudice”. A great piece put together by a writer whose talent knows no measure.
Website: www.ssozinha.com  

iTunu Speaks
The embodiment of written excellence. Itunu does with a pen to paper what the greatest artists of this world do to woven canvas. With work spanning over various mediums, Itunu has a powerful voice and uses every opportunity to share this. We recently hosted Itunu on an episode of The RealTalk Debates podcast segment where we spoke on the Back Lives Matter movement and whether social media would be a catalyst for much needed change. A thought-provoking conversation indeed.
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/itunu_speaks

Politics can often be a topic of contentious debate for some and a mess of confusion for others. But Tobi is a straight-talking advocate for political education, as well as social justice and change. Tobi first caught our eye with his straight to the point updates on political affairs on Instagram which are incredibly useful for anyone that just needs a quick brief without the jargon. We had the privilege of interacting with Tobi via our lockdown InstaLIVE session with #WOKEWeekly to which he is a part of. A technology engineer by day and political commentator and social activist by night, Tobi is a man of many great colours.
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/tobitalkss

FO’s Perspectives
FO’s Perspectives is a well-rounded platform providing insightful content related to politics, finance, economic development – and more recently career advice. FO offers a cut the crap outlet to matters shaping the business and economic world. From weekly stock analysis, to blog posts aimed at economic development, as well as his career podcast series. FO’s offering is an asset to those that need it most. Having previously submitted articles for the RTB page, we also hosted FO on our InstaLIVE session where we discussed factors holding back the economic development in Africa.
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/foperspectives

Morayo Abiola
Our very own fitness enthusiast, property specialist and graduate engineer. Morayo is a triple threat and it is an honour to have collaborated this entrepreneur. Morayo took the lockdown period by storm by sharing her workout tips and fitness routines to help anyone wanting to stay fit at home. We were able arrange a long-awaited session with her live in our podcast studio where we discussed her motivations for fitness and her exciting path going forward. A true inspiration to anyone yearning to start on their fitness goals.
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/morayoabiola

EziProse has been a part of the RTB journey since its inception and we are privileged to be able to work so closely with a woman that speaks passionately about everything she believes in. From topics on female empowerment to the roots of the black struggle, EziProze is a name to remember. We have interacted with Ezi many times via her contributions to the blog page, sit down discussions on The RealTalk Podcast and her features on our lockdown InstaLIVE sessions. Powerful in everything but the name, we look forward to more collaborations with Ezi in the months to come.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJQYNSVzKxElhUHHZhe1Njw/featured

Kim Emenike
Last but by no means least, the outspoken powerhouse that is Kim Emenike.
The story of Kim is one that is both moving and inspiring. Kim is an advocate for all things social justice within the care leaver system. As a unique success story, Kim uses her powerful voice to fight for those that fall through the gaps in the system. A cause worthy of much attention. We had the privilege of speaking to Kim in our last podcast episode of the year. No better way to cement the year 2020 with someone that has so much to offer in the years to come.
Connect with her on Twitter: @KimEmenike

Of course, those that have interacted with the blog and podcast this year alone are numerous in number, and to you all we are eternally grateful. The RealTalk Blog as an outlet for discussion of issues affecting young people would be nothing without those that interact with us every day whether that be a Twitter like, a post re-share on Instagram or a blog submission.

The year 2020 has been a great year of progress for the platform evidencing our flexibility to react and adapt. Examples being our lockdown InstaLIVE sessions with a range of guests, the Mental Health Awareness Campaign with NoTextiles in May, our #ThoughtsOfA2020Grad campaign in July and the Dissertation Summary series of August.

The next year ahead guarantees nothing but uncertainty. But we believe we as a team and with the help of our growing family of creatives will be ready to make the most of everything and anything.

So, to that, thank you 2020 and here’s to 2021!

Love always,

The RealTalk Blog


One thought on “Looking Back to Look Forward: The Year 2020

  1. Your platform has literally been everything and more this year guys! Looking forward to all you have install for next year👏🏾👏🏾
    This was such a good sum up. Definitely going to check out these platforms you’ve mentioned soon. I follow a few already but looking forward to checking out the rest!

    Liked by 1 person

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