Seven Things Sex and the City Teaches Us

As a recent city girl, I found refuge in binge-watching all 94 episodes of Sex and the City, as well as the two films that were made years after.

There is something quite comforting knowing that in a world full of what seems to be perfect people, underneath the Dior and the Manolo Blahniks, there are still normal girls doing the same stupid things we all do every day. They may look a little more fabulous on the outside, but at the end of a hard day they’re in bed eating the same pot of noodles we are; just maybe with more blistered feet.

Now that I am emotionally over the fact I will not be able to watch another unseen episode of the series, despite rumours of a revival of the show (OMG), I’m sharing with you the most important things it teaches us.

1. New York is fabulous

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As we all know, New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. I would say it is the best, but London and I are in a committed relationship.

The whole time when watching this show you’re taken around New York just wishing you could be there in the flesh, taking in the thick city air and ordering $1 pizza. Not to mention the fashion in this city makes it a place I’d one day love to live. Fabulous, fabulous, fab-u-lous. Everyone should experience the New York lifestyle at least once in their life.

2. Expect the unexpected

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Throughout the show, we see the roller coaster of a relationship that is Carrie and Big.

In the first film we see them prepare for their wedding who, after a little self-doubt, Big decides to run out on. This just goes to show that not everything is set in place. Ever. And that we should always expect the unexpected.

*spoiler* If Carrie being broken up with via a post-it note in the middle of the night isn’t unexpected then I don’t know what is.

3. Being by yourself is okay

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All four girls at some point find themselves in a situation where they have to deal with life as a single woman.

Sometimes they are at peace, but other times they find themselves ordering one too many boxes of noodles and bottles of wine on a Saturday night. (Guilty)

It’s good to be alone to reflect on your life, but it’s also nice to have a cuddle with someone every once and a while. I’ve heard giant maternity pillows are great for that, you’re welcome.

4. Owning too may clothes isn’t always a bad thing

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One of the best scenes of the first film is the wardrobe scene.

Carrie needs help packing up and sorting through her extensive collection of 20 years worth of clothes. With some champagne, Aerosmith and her best friends they put on the best fashion show in New York.

Having too many clothes should be looked at as ‘a life long collection’, rather than overflowing fabric.

5. Never give up on the things you want

Image sourced via FashionWeekDaily

Charlotte, the most princess of the group, is the one that always gives us some hope.

Taking just a fraction of her ‘It will happen’ energy will keep us searching for what we deserve for a long, long time.

6. Remember to put yourself first

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You won’t get through life if you don’t love yourself or hide who you are.

Knowing what you like and being confident in who you are attracts the best people. Be more Samantha who knows better than to get into a sticky situation that might have you ending up feeling like a helpless fool, unless that includes alcohol, of course. Just maybe don’t dump your guy because you love yourself too much; unless they deserve it of course.

7. Who will always be there for you when things turn sour?

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After all the tears, laughs, breakups and babies, it all comes back to breakfast in the same cafe with the same four girls of New York.

We all have people we can rely on, our boomerangs. Once all the drama is over it can be washed away with a cappuccino and a catch up with the people that have always been there.

The biggest thing that Sex and the City teaches us, is to always make time for the anchored people in our lives, because if we let them set adrift, we might not be able to get them back.

Written by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe

Drew is a member of The RealTalk Blogging Team.
She is an up and coming lifestyle journalist and media content creative. As a current freelance journalist, Drew lends her expertise towards volunteering for the Disgraceful Magazine, a female empowerment publication. On top of this, Drew writes and story-generates frequently for her own personal WordPress blog on

She is currently in search of freelance and in house media jobs to build her portfolio and create a career in journalism.
You can get in touch with Drew directly via her platforms below:


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