The Reasons People Procrastinate

We all have things we need to get done. And at some point, we all put things off. Except by the time we get around to doing it, it’s already too late. Here’s the biggest reason why people procrastinate and how to fix it. What Is Procrastination? The official definition for procrastination is: “The action … Continue reading The Reasons People Procrastinate


Five Productivity Myths That Need Busting!

A lot of us have got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to productivity. Productivity is getting the desired results with less time and effort. The problem here is that that’s not the way productivity is presented. It’s seen as early mornings and late nights. It’s seen as ticking off tasks off … Continue reading Five Productivity Myths That Need Busting!

My Entirely Virtual Grad Scheme

An Orwellian experience of the future of work. 21st December 2020. My department is holding it's annual Christmas party. The upbeat humdrum of seasonal tunes reverberates around my vicinity. My glass, tightly pinched, is awash with blood-red wine, my lips blunted by thesweet acidity. The room is packed with faceless colleagues existing only as initials, … Continue reading My Entirely Virtual Grad Scheme

The Investment Series: Financial Markets

Welcome to the second issue of The RealTalk Blog’s Investment Series!  In this series, we aim to simplify and debunk the mysteries of the financial world to encourage financial literacy for all. If you missed the first issue (we forgive you), click here to read up on our introduction to Stocks and Bonds.  In this … Continue reading The Investment Series: Financial Markets

How To Nail Your Virtual Interview

A normal job interview is tricky enough. Throw in the uncertainty of technology, and you may have a nightmare to contend with. From showing off your personality on camera to finding the right angles, there are many tricky elements unique to virtual interviews. And given that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, your next … Continue reading How To Nail Your Virtual Interview

The Investment Series: Stocks and Bonds

You've probably heard of the name Warren Buffett, possibly Ray Dalio and perhaps less likely, Jack Bogle. Each of these men can attribute, partly or wholly, their successes and financial affluence to their investments in the markets. With a current net worth of $85.6 billion, Warren Buffet is one of the most well-known investors in … Continue reading The Investment Series: Stocks and Bonds


Whilst many of us are lucky to be working, a vast majority of us are working from our kitchen, spare bedroom, makeshift office spaces. COVID-19 rocked the world in many ways we could not comprehend, we were introduced to some new ways of living. One of the biggest changes was where people worked, the whole … Continue reading WFH? WTF?

How to Write a Great CV

It is currently job hunting season for many people, and you may be facing the daunting task of submitting applications after applications. With the increased uncertainty in the job market and the sheer competition for a job, it is important to be the best candidate possible. The very first hurdle you will have to face … Continue reading How to Write a Great CV

Run Your Race

Uni complete. Boy has it been a journey. It's been full ups and downs. Periods of depression and self-doubt, periods of excitement and joy and it’s a feeling of alleviation just to be able to say “I am done”. To even really deep that a good few times I really wanted to drop out, I … Continue reading Run Your Race

So, you want to be a lawyer? | The Commercial Law Path

Having the Direction Choosing to become a commercial/corporate lawyer is easy – pursuing that career choice with the necessary tenacity, energy, and vision, to realise it, is tough. Furthermore, different people can become a ‘lawyer’ – indeed, most City law firms focus on having a ‘diverse range’ of hires, both in their physical characteristics, but … Continue reading So, you want to be a lawyer? | The Commercial Law Path

Placement Year – Lessons learnt

As I begin my final year at Loughborough University this week, I have taken some time to reflect on the year that has passed. I have been so lucky to meet some inspiring people, who have really pushed me this year. I was fortunate enough to have a great placement year with an even more … Continue reading Placement Year – Lessons learnt

More Than Just a 1st Class

So we're well into October now, that time of the year when the buzz of university has died down a bit. Freshers was a madness (but let's not talk about that). As a fresher hopefully at this time you've more or less settled into the university environment and as a returner sights set on making … Continue reading More Than Just a 1st Class