The Perception of Black Masculinity

- By Dillon Adabie I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should start writing, due to the fact that I don’t know if I’m ready to actually share my feelings on the internet. But it’s 10:44pm, I’ve just got a trim and I’m feeling inspired, so here we go... There are very few … Continue reading The Perception of Black Masculinity


Why Representation Matters

Growing up in ends there was definitely a glamorisation towards the road life. Certain behaviour traits were idolised, whilst other traits were called moist. If you wanted to be socially recognized, part of the cool lot, your path, and in turn your personality was limited. You couldn’t be seen to be getting A‘s in tests … Continue reading Why Representation Matters


'BLACK'. A five letter word we are very familiar with. What comes to mind when you think of the word 'Black'? Not sure? Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, a black person is anyone  "belonging to or denoting any human group having dark-coloured skin, especially of African ancestry". This doesn't paint the whole picture, so … Continue reading BLACK