The Cycle of Youth Violence

Greater London’s hidden epidemic. London is a mind-numbing oddity. It desperately wants you to believe that it is a utopia of human civilization, a prime example of capitalism’s potential. Instead, it constantly buckles under its own mirage, struggling to mediate between the lustrous shine of new developments and the old world of its post-war heritage. Loughborough … Continue reading The Cycle of Youth Violence


Dave’s We’re All Alone in This Together is Much More Than an Album

Rappers have long had a reputation for being at the forefront of culture, setting trends and influencing the young. Whilst their contribution to modern culture can hardly be debated, they haven’t always received the credit they deserve. In Britain, many rappers – especially young Black men – have been stereotyped as the face of all … Continue reading Dave’s We’re All Alone in This Together is Much More Than an Album

The top 5 Rap Artists of 2010

While no one could bring hip hop to the heights of popularity it reached when Tupac and Notorious B.I.G ruled the industry; the decade of 2010 to 2020 featured a slew of amazing calibre artists that are great in their own right.Travis Scott’s Astroworld bookended the decade, while Kendrick Lamar quietly piled up Grammy’s in … Continue reading The top 5 Rap Artists of 2010

Is Ralph Lauren Losing Its Cultural Relevance?

Few brands can match Ralph Lauren’s standing in fashion – but amidst financial struggles and a difficult retail climate, is the brand losing its cultural relevance? Ralph Lauren’s significance – both culturally and in fashion – can hardly be overstated. His is less of a fashion brand, a place to simply buy new clothes, and more of a … Continue reading Is Ralph Lauren Losing Its Cultural Relevance?

From North London to The Oscars: This is Daniel Kaluuya

Following a somewhat slow Oscars ceremony on the night of 25 April, it was Daniel Kaluuya who caught the headlines with his slightly too graphic celebration of life, leaving his mother’s head in her hands with embarrassment. After delivering a powerful speech commemorating the life of American activist Fred Hampton, whom he plays in his … Continue reading From North London to The Oscars: This is Daniel Kaluuya

Why Representation Matters

Growing up in ends there was definitely a glamorisation towards the road life. Certain behaviour traits were idolised, whilst other traits were called moist. If you wanted to be socially recognized, part of the cool lot, your path, and in turn your personality was limited. You couldn’t be seen to be getting A‘s in tests … Continue reading Why Representation Matters


'BLACK'. A five letter word we are very familiar with. What comes to mind when you think of the word 'Black'? Not sure? Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, a black person is anyone  "belonging to or denoting any human group having dark-coloured skin, especially of African ancestry". This doesn't paint the whole picture, so … Continue reading BLACK