The Investment Series: Economic Recovery & Inflation

With the global vaccine roll out in full swing and a staggered return to normality in sight, governments around the world are hard pressed on getting their economies back up to pre-pandemic levels of output. The public health catastrophe of COVID-19 has put the economic status of many nations in less than ideal positions, calling … Continue reading The Investment Series: Economic Recovery & Inflation


The Economic Impact of Coronavirus

From FO's Perspectives Since coming to our attention in Wuhan, China in November 2019, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly spread throughout the globe, destabilizing communities, nations, and continents as its impact starts to become more pertinently felt with steeply rising infection numbers and death tolls. Coronavirus is a disease caused by SARS, where the virus … Continue reading The Economic Impact of Coronavirus

The Changing Face of Capitalism

Wants are a funny old thing, human beings all have something they want. You, me, a pauper or a billionaire- despite our differences in race, income or education- all have common ground in one thing, we all "want" something. This forms the premises of what economists call the basic economic problem, to sum it up … Continue reading The Changing Face of Capitalism