Navigating Friendships in Your Twenties

Having friends is a lovely thing. The Bible even says that we are not meant to be alone, but that we should have friends to edify and encourage us. This means that we have to be selective with the people that we have in our lives. I’ve had my fair share of friends. Some who … Continue reading Navigating Friendships in Your Twenties


Terms and Conditions Apply

First of all, can we all agree it is NOT and will never be by force to be in a relationship? Even if you’re 30+ and your parents are screaming "when will you marry?" It will still never be by force. Especially if you have to lower your standards? If you have to settle? It … Continue reading Terms and Conditions Apply

Ends to Reality

everybody's story is different. as a controversial character, its kinda hard explaining how I am and most days I put 100% blame on the ‘streets’ lol. half of the time I hate when I say that because it's as if im using that an excuse or a pathway for failure to creep in… but that’s … Continue reading Ends to Reality

Dreams too large to fit in a small head

“Why is your head so big?” Lol, someone asked me this question on one of them anonymous questions websites. (Quick side-note: if the person who asked that is reading this blog post, message me - I just want to talk). Now I’m not one to fight anonymous people on the internet so I answered, ‘Dreams too large to fit in a … Continue reading Dreams too large to fit in a small head

You never know what you have until it’s gone

Dunno about you, but it takes a significant experience or change for me to really understand things in life. Not all but some. I recently started reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. He put forward his analysis of 'paradigms' and their shifts. Without giving too much of a summary, paradigms … Continue reading You never know what you have until it’s gone