Small Beginnings

As with all new years, there comes a period of goal setting and also reflection. So, lets reflect. Sometimes I think about how life once was, how I once was. I use this to review how every experience has shaped the person I am today. The highs, the lows and everything in between has amalgamated … Continue reading Small Beginnings


The Person With The Biggest Smile

Hey, my name is Hajera and I wanted to share my story on depression and anxiety from childhood. I come from an Asian-Bangladeshi background and I grew up as a Muslim. I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother who is autistic. From my earliest memories I have of life, my life at home … Continue reading The Person With The Biggest Smile

The Power of Goal Setting and Learning from Your Mistakes

What do you want for yourself? Where do you see yourself next month? Where do you see yourself next year? Can you answer these questions? If not, you lack goals. Goals are a very powerful tool for working towards the things you want in life, whether that be riches, to lose weight or to be … Continue reading The Power of Goal Setting and Learning from Your Mistakes

New Year New Me?

New Year New Me? Biggest lie I tell myself every year. It’s a new year but why should I become a new person? It’s actually funny how many years I’ve said this same phrase, but nothing has changed. I start the year sticking to all my new years resolutions for a month or so and … Continue reading New Year New Me?


I was raped twice within four months of my first year at university. What a way to start a blog post lol. But by God’s grace, I’m writing this as someone that’s doing pretty well on my journey of healing from trauma. Consent is something I’ve been wanting to raise awareness about for a while. … Continue reading Consent.

It’s Not You

Hello all, so I'm back with a topic for that I was hesitant to write about but writing about my experiences and feelings is a part of healing for me and also one of the foundations of my 'Thoughts of Chi' brand. Long story short, I'm currently healing from a sudden break up that's taken … Continue reading It’s Not You

I’m Sure I Have Talent?

Everyday I wake up in the morning and ask myself the same question. ‘I’m sure I have talent but where is my talent leading me?’ Self-doubt is a strong toxic trait of mine that I am learning to overcome day by day. But it’s hard when you constantly put pressure on yourself to be the … Continue reading I’m Sure I Have Talent?