How Perspective Can change Your Reality

Life is like the London Underground: fast, full of selfish people and gone within moments. My parents always told me that I was an extremely observant child growing up, I’d always pick up on the small things happening in a room and I’d come home and talk to them about it, blurting out private conversations … Continue reading How Perspective Can change Your Reality


Is It Worth Rushing?

I hope everyone is blessed! I want to first give a shout out to all of us for making it this far and surviving all the lockdowns that we went through. This post is aimed at the creatives, content creators, entrepreneurs… anyone who has started up a new venture recently. I’ve had my own blog … Continue reading Is It Worth Rushing?

Change Your Story – It’s Not The End

So, it’s been well over a month since I last posted on here and it was time that I really needed to be able to sort myself out because life really came at me hard and personally I thought it was rude. I’m still in the process of doing my own searching of ‘finding myself’ … Continue reading Change Your Story – It’s Not The End

My Year In Industry

Wow hi - feel like I haven't blogged in ages lool! It's been a while. Just thought I'd do a quick reflection on my Year in Industry and touch on some key things I've done/learnt. Firstly for those that don't know, a Year in Industry is when you (an undergraduate student) takes a year out … Continue reading My Year In Industry

My ACL experience

“Minor setback, major comeback”. I have said this a lot in my journey, far too much for my liking, at  this point ‘Major Setback minor comeback’  is seeming a lot more accurate. 2 steps forward and another step back, hard luck I guess. My very own wilderness experience. I begin my first draft of this blog at 4:37am unable to sleep because of my own anxiety. Tonight it’s anxiety, tomorrow it’ll be overwhelming regret or deep … Continue reading My ACL experience

A Tribute to Nipsey: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

In light of the recent passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle who was commonly known for his philanthropic work in his community, his greatest success was that he stayed and nurtured others. He wasn’t just a rapper with a title, he used his position and influence to serve his community which will forever go down in … Continue reading A Tribute to Nipsey: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Dreams too large to fit in a small head

“Why is your head so big?” Lol, someone asked me this question on one of them anonymous questions websites. (Quick side-note: if the person who asked that is reading this blog post, message me - I just want to talk). Now I’m not one to fight anonymous people on the internet so I answered, ‘Dreams too large to fit in a … Continue reading Dreams too large to fit in a small head