“Soro Soke!” #Endsars: From Twitter to the Streets.

End Sars protests in London With chants of ‘Soro Soke!’ (Yoruba word for Speak Up) and ‘Buhari is a bad boy', African communities in the UK shouted, walked and prayed in solidarity with their fellow Nigerians against SARS and police brutality across Nigeria. Protests spread over London, Manchester, Birmingham and other cities. ‘I'm only here … Continue reading “Soro Soke!” #Endsars: From Twitter to the Streets.


Not so ‘United’ Kingdom

The year 2016 saw one of the biggest referendum events of a lifetime – the EU referendum. Four years and three prime ministers later, the future of the UK’s European position still hangs in a precarious limbo. But alas, we wait on the looming no-deal Brexit of 31st December 2020 (this my personal pessimistic prediction). … Continue reading Not so ‘United’ Kingdom

Race and Politics – Is there a place for ethnic minorities in the current system?

From FO's Perspectives At the end of Last year, I wrote an article touching on the relationship between ethnic minorities and their voting patterns, highlighting how they tend to stay to the left of the political spectrum due to their voting rational (individual vs community). One of the key premises was that they tend to … Continue reading Race and Politics – Is there a place for ethnic minorities in the current system?

The Changing Face of Capitalism

Wants are a funny old thing, human beings all have something they want. You, me, a pauper or a billionaire- despite our differences in race, income or education- all have common ground in one thing, we all "want" something. This forms the premises of what economists call the basic economic problem, to sum it up … Continue reading The Changing Face of Capitalism

Let’s talk Brexit!

Theresa May said this... Boris Johnson is doing a madness and who the hell is Donald Tusk?? This UK is done out here! As a lot of you know (or should know), the United Kingdom is going through a political roller-coaster right now. Probably the biggest moves in the world of Euro Politics since the … Continue reading Let’s talk Brexit!