Seven Things Sex and the City Teaches Us

As a recent city girl, I found refuge in binge-watching all 94 episodes of Sex and the City, as well as the two films that were made years after. There is something quite comforting knowing that in a world full of what seems to be perfect people, underneath the Dior and the Manolo Blahniks, there are still normal girls … Continue reading Seven Things Sex and the City Teaches Us


Protect your Peace

3 min read So where should I start? The year of 2020 has been a roller coaster for us all. This year has disturbed the inner peace of many and some may feel absolutely overwhelmed because of the current climate we have been forced to inhabit. I would just like to spread this message, a … Continue reading Protect your Peace

Not so ‘Social’ Media

"Our continual connection to social media makes us prone to new forms of viral emotional effects. These are not media designed for calm reflection. With their constant presence, we have less and less mental space to step back and think." Robert Greene in The Laws of Human Nature As a young person growing up in the … Continue reading Not so ‘Social’ Media