When the Headlines Become your Reality

Dealing with the Death(-by-Knife) of a Loved One (A Young Person’s Perspective) You watch the news and think you’re safe, that your world is a world away from such matters, as if these types of things could never happen to you. London. A place I – like many others – call “home”. A place that’s … Continue reading When the Headlines Become your Reality


Property Picking

How many people can say they’ve got a plan for how they’re going to retire early or how they’re going to buy their first property? I can’t even lie these are questions that I’ve recently been asking myself. Maybe it might relate to you also, but I think we’re currently living in a generation where not … Continue reading Property Picking

Let’s talk Brexit!

Theresa May said this... Boris Johnson is doing a madness and who the hell is Donald Tusk?? This UK is done out here! As a lot of you know (or should know), the United Kingdom is going through a political roller-coaster right now. Probably the biggest moves in the world of Euro Politics since the … Continue reading Let’s talk Brexit!