Key business tips for stay-at-home mompreneurs

Have you always dreamt about being your own boss? Building a stay-at-home business is a great option for moms looking to earn some income, set their own hours, and enjoy unlimited growth opportunities—all without the need for a costly degree. 

Launching a home-based business is the best decision you will ever make. Of course, success doesn’t happen overnight. It will take plenty of time and hard work to get to where you want to be. Check out these tips from The RealTalk Blog to help get your venture off the ground!

Build Your Arsenal of Online Tools

Today’s business owners have access to multiple tools that can streamline everything from marketing to administrative tasks. For example, when it comes time to hire employees, certain tools will make it easier to delegate work, manage projects, communicate with your team, and ensure that everyone gets paid correctly. 

One of the most powerful and helpful tools is financial reporting software like QuickBooks Online Advance, which among other benefits keeps track and generates reports on cash flow. Being able to graphically compare cash flow from one period to the next allows you to forecast business fluctuations more accurately, thereby giving you more control over inventory, project management, and employee scheduling. Tapping into tech tools like these will make your life so much easier as you work to launch and grow your business!

Choose the Right Business Structure For You

You also need to spend some time researching the various business structures and deciding which one is the best fit for you. Different options have different advantages. For instance, forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) offers you certain legal protections. The process for setting up an LLC can vary state by state, but no matter where you are, ZenBusiness can help you get started in a matter of minutes.

Find a Mom-Friendly Business Idea

Some businesses are better suited for moms than others. When you have young kids to care for at home, you need a business idea that fits a fairly flexible schedule. Service-based businesses, like copywriting, web development, and email marketing, tend to work great for busy moms because work can be done at any time of the day. E-commerce businesses also allow for a great deal of flexibility, but you should be prepared to field customer inquiries at all hours—this is where it pays to hire some help! 

You could also start a local business offering products or services to people in your neighborhood, though this may require more one-on-one time with clients than other business models. Think offline businesses like consulting, pet sitting, hairdressing, tailoring, furniture refurbishing, or jewelry repair. If you’d prefer to spend less time on the computer and more time working with your hands or communicating with clients, this is the way to go!

Don’t Neglect Market Research

Market research is essential for ensuring there is a need for your product among your target audience. If there’s no market for your business idea, you’re going to have a really tough time convincing people to try your product. Start by analyzing the competitors in your industry and determining if there is a gap that you can fill with your own business solution. Then, reach out to real members of your target audience and ask for their opinion! Surveys and interviews are great methods for determining what your audience really wants from your business.

Build a Home Office

Creating a home office is essential, regardless if you plan on meeting with clients at your home or not. A dedicated office will offer a distraction-free environment where you can get away from the household chaos for a while and really focus. Don’t have a spare room? Set up shop in a guest bedroom, loft, or even a closet. With some creative decorating and a few functional storage pieces, you can create a productive home office nearly anywhere!

While you’re exploring your home office options, take the time to optimize the rest of your home for stress-free living. Being a mom and a business owner are each stressful enough; take advantage of every tip and trick you can to make life easier.

New mompreneurs are born every day! If you want to make money as a stay-at-home mom, building your own business is a great way to achieve your goals. All it takes is dedication, perseverance, and some careful planning.

This article was brought to you by The RealTalk Blog, where we aim to use this blog to highlight, discuss, and dig into key topics and themes affecting young people today. This is a blog written by young people, for young people. For more information, contact us today!


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